About Pamela’s Portrayals

At Pamela’s Portrayals we find beauty in the ordinary. We will offer online classes and tutorials in various mediums for those who want to express their creative side in the visual arts. Whether you are someone who feels you can’t draw a stick figure, want to try a different art medium, or, if you just want to try something new, we offer a variety of classes to consider.

These classes are meant to be an enjoyable, relaxing time. Whereas you may learn different aspects of art, these classes are not intended to be a fine art class. Our live online classes will range in size, but I will try to keep it smaller so we have a more intimate setting. This allows more time to be spent with each client to help them bring their vision of the painting to life. I will also offer individually commissioned classes for those who would prefer to choose their own subject and medium.  Tutorials will be recorded  you can watch at your own pace.

A list of all supplies will be provided for each painting done. For online tutorials, they will be pre-recorded and you can stop and start the video to go at your own pace. The live online classes will be taped and a link will be sent to you via email or Messenger after the class is complete for you to go back and watch at your leisure if you desire. Live classes offer you the opportunity to ask questions, and the recorded ones let you go at your own pace. Ink and gouache paintings will be on Bristol or watercolor paper. Watercolor paintings will be on watercolor paper. Acrylic paintings and water-based oil paintings will be completed on pre-gessoed canvases that can be hung up on the wall without the need for additional framing.

Classes will be listed on this website, and you can sign up and pay for the classes right here. Live classes will have a charge of $10 per hour. I will offer free of charge tutorial paintings here, but links to the Live classes will only be made available to those who enroll and pay for the class.

In addition to classes and tutorials, we will sell affordable, original art by myself, and my husband Max. We offer shipping for those who do not live nearby, and the shipping and packaging costs will be charged in addition to the cost of the art. Also, if you want your art framed, the cost of the frame will be added to the total art costs.